Jessica (USA)
Jan Duindam’s uniquely beautiful music, demonstrates exquisite musicianship and profound spiritual reflections. 

Karen (USA)
The music of Jan is beautiful and bathed in light. One listening will not do. I look forward to returning to this music. It is nourishing to my heart, soul and spirit.

Eva (D. Altenkirchen)
Ich bin ein totaler Fan der neuen CD „Viajando“ von jan Duindam!!!! Sie läuft ständig bei mir. Ich kann mich dabei unheimlich gut und tief entspannen. Wunderschön!!!

Iris (D. Köln)
Jan, deine Musik geht direkt ins Herz und berührt meine Seele. Vielen Dank noch mal für das wunderbare Konzert!

Don G. Campbell,
Founder of ‘institute for Music, Health and Education’ and author of: ‘Music, physician for times to come’ and ‘The Mozart Effect’. 
“The Three Pillars” creates the space of the heart through the harmonic languages of the West and the Near East. Jan Duindam is a master of the heart space, allowing the ears of the soul to find East, West and recovery”.

Hal Lingerman,
author of ‘The Healing energies of music’, ‘Life streams’ and ‘Pythagoras and number’“…….  your strikingly compelling guitar CD. Very wonderful, especially the way you sustain the mood and flow of 1, 2, 3, 4, my favourite tracks. ‘Quest’ in my imagination calls up both an ancient troubadour and a muezzin chanting a Moorish kind of prayer, a wonderful synthesis of Spanish-Moslem (Moors)1 find 1 – 4 really haunting, opening and peaceful, yet dynamic! You must have had a lifetime there then. Track 6 is also wonderful and suggestive. You have a marvellous capacity for imagery, not just external. Sound more from the soul. You have a much needed gift for lyricism and heart in a world that is often heartless.1 believe that we need the deeper kind of flowing, haunting incantations of beautiful music and sustained throughout a CD so as to allow deep journeys and continuous voyage and healing. So many CD’s ‘jump’ from mood to mood and do not sustain vision or flow. You have a real gift for melody, too, which I find few composers have today.”

From Morgana’s CD reviews
From Southern Africa to Southern Spain with “The Three Pillars” from the Emerald Project (ORS 54692). This is beautiful guitar music, full of emotion and yet not overpowering. This has also been one of the most popular Oreade CD’s this Autumn.