The healing properties of music

18th of April 19.30
Spiritual songs Singalong: Healing and meditative music
Jan Duindam, Stefan Duindam & Ienke Goldewijk
(music by Jan Duindam)

Courses ” the healing properties of sound and music”

Saturdays 25th of November en 2nd, 9th and 16th of December 2023 – from 10.30 to 13.00
Academie voor Geesteswetenschappen – Utrecht – the Netherlands

What the course is about

In this course you will learn to experience and apply the healing effects of music and sound. Both active and passive (receptive) working methods are discussed. It is a practical course. We will sing a lot, after all our voice is the healing instrument par excellence. Attention is paid to the use of special musical instruments, instruments that anyone can learn to play just like that. We will also consider the principles underlying the healing effect of music and sound.

The spiritual dimension, how a music experience can remind us of our given connectedness and wholeness, is a recurring theme: where you are in contact with who you deeply are, the process of healing can begin ‘from within’. The approach is concentric: each meeting has one or two core themes and some of the previously practiced working methods are further explored.

Jan about the healing effect of music:

Experiencing the healing effect of music actually started for me when I listened to Gregorian chant as a child, as was still sung in the Roman Catholic Church during the sixties. Only when this special music disappeared and was replaced by new Dutch songs did I become aware of the value that Gregorian chant had for me. It was at the same time ‘grounding’ and formed a connection with the greater, the universal, the eternal. The influence of this music is reflected in ‘my’ compositions, both in the songs and music for choir.

In the early eighties a friend brought me a very old singing bowl from Tibet. The sound of this was a revelation to me. The spectrum of overtones, corresponding to the 7 metals that make up this instrument, could be heard so clearly. The memory of the effect that Gregorian chant had on me came back to life. I then started to look more and more into the effect that music and sound have on us. This study continues to this day.

In the mid-eighties I taught a series of courses on ‘The Esoteric Aspects of Music’ at the ‘Cantorate of the RUU’. From that time on, I have been giving courses and workshops in many places about, among other things, ‘Voice and consciousness’ and the ‘healing effect of music and sound’.