NOE began as a family-choir and has evolved into a mixed choir of 12 people.

We sing simple music, such as the beautiful songs of Taizé, renaissance songs and some of my own compositions. We rehearse once every 2 weeks on Sundays from 15.00 – 17.00 in utrecht. New members are welcome. 

“Singing means to learn to love.” Alfred Wolfsohn
A choir can be one of the most beautiful and moving of musical instruments. I’ve experienced often how a choir, truly singing together, seems to rekindle a collective soul, like a flock of birds moving in perfect unison. Perhaps the essence of making music is the transcendence of form, of both the music and the musical instrument… Rising above form creates an opening to the mysteries of life and of love and may lift – if even for a short while – the veil of separation. The greater part of our repertory is relatively easy to sing. The great advantage of singing short and repetitive songs is that they make it attainable for every choir to transcend form. Listening with our heart and senses may very well be the key…

Choir Driebergen
This project will start as soon as the Corona crisis allows us. We will rehearse weekly on Tuesday morning from 10.30 – 12.30. 

Singing workshops
I regularly work with vocal groups, choirs and other groups of people who (want to) sing together.