As NOE began as a family choir, so brotherHood began by playing and singing with my brothers Nol and Stefan, initially also with my sisters Blanca and Hedwig. We played and sang together as ‘Street band’ (when we were very young). Very soon we were invited to play at folkfestivals, first at the Osnabrück festival in Germany. We continued to play as ‘Tail Toddle’ at folkfestivals, in folkclubs and small theatres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Scotland.

During the mid-eighties we played together with some other musicians in the ensemble ‘Interweave’. Since 2010 the three of us make music together as ‘brotherHood’.


I am so fortunate to be able to make music with my brothers Nol and Stefan, on and off, for almost half a century now. We sing and play various styles. First of all Folk, our ‘root-music’, but also jazzy songs and some of our own compositions.