I am currently working on the CD “VIAJANDO” (or “Quest” as the case may be) with some of the best songs and pieces I wrote over the last decades. Writing songs and music is not something that I do, but rather something that happens to me. 

At the level of study I have been working with the “Lichtenberger” method for some years. Now I am doing an intensive training of “Werbecksinging”. In the summer of 2012 I visited a fascinating and inspiring conference “The World of Singing”. Gesangs-Tagung – 3. bis 7. August 2012, Goetheanum, Dornach

As a ‘child of the sixties’ I practiced yoga from very early on. In the early seventies I visited Gurdjieff-groups, did Bhagwan-workshops and studied Krishnamurti amongst others. In the early eighties I joined a Gurdjieff-oriented school the Emin (later Phoenix-fellowship) where I stayed 17 years. From 1999 – 2010 I studied at a being-oriented school, which marries state-of-the-art psychology with a form of Tibetan Bhuddism (nondual). Currently I continue to practice the work Eckhart Tolle and attempt to live according to my beliefs. Teaching music, Vocal Arts in particular, allows me to bring across and ‘live’ the ways that I have learned over the years. This results in a line of work that offers personal development, musical training and perhaps a modern ‘spirituality’ for those (including myself) who can rise to it.