Jan Duindam


I work as a musician. I sing and play the guitar and a variety of other musical instruments. I began writing my own songs in the late sixties and never stopped since. I teach guitar and give courses and workshops ‘Vocal Arts’. This means singing, chanting, vocal improvisation and above all the art of (re)discovering your own natural voice. I also work as a ‘being-oriented’ (vocal) coach.

I was born as the seventh of 15 children. When one of my brothers started playing the guitar I followed. Playing the guitar and singing became very important to me. In a rather harsh, though not loveless, educational climate it gave me a ‘place of my own’. The first ensemble was (of course) a family folkgroup. (Tail Toddle) Later I played in a variety of bands and other ensembles. (see discography)

Mindfulness in playing music and singing has always been of the utmost importance to me, both as a musician, a choirmaster and a teacher.


Don G. Campbell
Founder of ‘institute for Music, Health and Education’ and author of:
‘Music, physician for times to come’ and ‘The Mozart Effect’

“The Three Pillars” creates the space of the heart through the harmonic languages of the West and the Near East. Jan Duindam is a master of the heart space, allowing the ears of the soul to find East, West and recovery”.


Hal Lingerman
author of ‘The Healing energies of music’, ‘Life streams’ and ‘Pythagoras and number’

“…….  your strikingly compelling guitar CD. Very wonderful, especially the way you sustain the mood and flow of 1, 2, 3, 4, my favourite tracks. ‘Quest’ in my imagination calls up both an ancient troubadour and a muezzin chanting a Moorish kind of prayer, a wonderful synthesis of Spanish-Moslem (Moors)

1 find 1 – 4 really haunting, opening and peaceful, yet dynamic! You must have had a lifetime there then. Track 6 is also wonderful and suggestive. You have a marvellous capacity for imagery, not just external. Sound more from the soul. You have a much needed gift for lyricism and heart in a world that is often heartless.

1 believe that we need the deeper kind of flowing, haunting incantations of beautiful music and sustained throughout a CD so as to allow deep journeys and continuous voyage and healing. So many CD’s ‘jump’ from mood to mood and do not sustain vision or flow. You have a real gift for melody, too, which I find few composers have today.”

From Morgana’s CD reviews
From Southern Africa to Southern Spain with “The Three Pillars” from the Emerald Project (ORS 54692). This is beautiful guitar music, full of emotion and yet not overpowering. This has also been one of the most popular Oreade CD’s this Autumn.


2011 – present
‘Uncovering the Voice’  (based on antroposophy)

2009 – 2012
‘Lichtenberger method’ for     
Singing and instrumental music

1999 – 2010
School voor Zijnsoriëntatie (school for being-oriented work)     
Bewustzijnstraining, Training being-oriented coach 

1999 – 2012
‘Roy Hart Theatre’    
Voice expression, vocal theater, vocal improvisation

Non-western vocal styles
druhpad singing, overtone chanting 
Turkish & Maroccan music (ûd)            

1992 – 1993
Human Resource Management  
Education Nieuw Elan Groningen

UNIVERSITY of Utrecht      
Pedagogical Sciences (3 years)


Rotterdam & Hilversum (3 years)
Music education & jazzguitar (Wim Overgauw)                

Schola-leader, conductor for Gregorian Chant

Masterclasses Flamenco           
Paco Peña at the conservatory of Rotterdam

Amsterdams Conservatorium
Special training guitar teacher (children from the age of 5 onwards)


Middelbare school (high school)          
De Breul, Driebergen-Zeist         

Then I worked as a guitarist in a prof. band for some years

Pedagogische Academie (teacher training school)     
St. Joseph, Zeist