Over the last 30 years I have written, in addition to songs, many pieces for choir. From the songs and pieces I have written both as a ‘choirmaster’ and ‘course leader’ I have chosen 50 pieces; songs, mantra’s, rounds, latin and other chants that will be made available by ‘dageraad music’ as a A4 book. At the present moment I am in the proces of finetuning the notation and lyrics. Most pieces are for 3 or 4 voices (SATB). The lyrics are chosen from spiritual sources and include words from Rumi, Omay Khayyam, Blake, Shakespeare, Inayat Khan, Raymond Armin, Alec Corper and others. 

CD The Three Pillars (4th edition 2016)

In response to many requests the Cd “The three Pillars” (originally from 1995) has been re-issued, in a digi-pack with beautiful new artwork.

New CD “VIAJANDO” (2015)

On the 7th of june, during the 6th ‘Café Chantant’ that I organise in ‘Karel V’ in Utrecht, my new CD “VIAJANDO” (on the way) has been presented.This CD contains 14 of the ‘best’ songs and instrumentals that I wrote over the last years. The CD appears in beautiful  triptych and comes with a 24 page booklet with lyrics, some translations and illustrations. The songs and pieces on this CD can be seen to be moments in a journey, an inner voyage.

It is the first time since “Thoughts” (1978) that I use my own name again.
In between I have played my music with ensembles like ‘Interweave’ and ‘Emerald Project’.

The 4 principal sound-carriers I made over the years, “Thoughts”, “Interweave”, “The Three Pillars” and now “Viajando” form a journey in itself. (see Discography for more information).

Tracks on the CD: 1. Viajando, 2. Dageraad, 3. Silver Bird, 4. Horizon, 5. Mon âme se repose, 6. The Empress White, 7. I see You, 8. Sanctuary, 9. The Archer, 10. In the Heart, 11. Caravansérail, 12. Saudade, 13. Crystals, 14. Home

the front of the triptych
The cd-presentation was a beautiful event. (see also concerts)

cd presentatie collage 1